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Travelling in Bandipur, Nepal (Part 3) – What have I gone through to write this story?

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  • September 2, 2016
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walking on muds in Bandipur Nepal

I walked for 10km, or more, every day, for hours, for 2 full days, in rains, in muds as this is a monsoon season in Nepal.

I travelled as a normal tourist, tried not to get noticed from the locals, or I will be treated difference, in a nice way, which I am trying to avoid in order to give a fair stories and to create a nice itinerary without any prejudice.

In fact, I got all the information I need, and I have just lost 2 kg in 2 days. Which turn out to be a good motivation to work more, and to walk more.

For those who want to see the real Newari Culture, to know more about daily living life of Newari, to see chicken and goats running around, I would strongly advise to spend a night here in Bandipur, to relax, to enjoy the scenery, in a total quiet and serene ambiance. Worth the trip!


Angie in Bandipur for Hotel inspection

way to Bandipur Palace Hotel


hotel-inspection-in bandipur-nepal junction-at-bandipur-for-hotels

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